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Postmodern Art
Acrylic Painting Gallery, Original Paintings on Canvas
Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Traditional Art insists upon visible connections to a visible object. The art piece must, in some detail, resemble the visible object's appearance; or, the art piece must capture, suggest, or remind us of the essence or character of the visible object it is related to. That's enough to mark it traditional, all other things being unremarkable.

Modern art insists upon its own modification. The art piece obviously relates to the visible object, but makes changes in ways that have not any connection or relation to the visual object.The result is that the subject of the art piece is not the visual object but the artist, the maker of the very modifications of Art. Perhaps in the Asia tradition the subject of the art is a value, or something, in our western tradition, akin to a value, rather than something like the intention of the artist.
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